Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Delicious Day!

Today was a fun day of cultural learning and enjoying our diverse Westside community. After school Marcus and I went with two of my colleagues from school to the Hadhwanag Cafe and Masjid Attaqwa Community Center at the Quran Complex on Sullivant Avenue. I have driven by this place so many times, but never visited until today. My Somali co-worker invited us to some chai latte and sambusa, a meat-filled pastry that is a lot like an empanada. It was delicious!

There were two TVs in the cafe, one showing news from Africa in Somali. The other, showing English Premier League Football. Interesting combination!

After the delicious snack, we had a tour of the complex. We visited the community center, met the director and saw where the community meets for prayers five times a day. We also checked out the mini mall and grocery store in the same building. I loved the sense of community and friendliness of everyone we met. Here's a picture Marcus with some of the beautiful fabrics in one of the shops.

Then, after coming home for supper, we headed out again to drop off the recycling and go to the library. As we drove by the Food India restaurant I noticed that there weren't any customers there at the time. What a shame for such a delicious restaurant!

As soon as we saw the sign I had a craving for their chocolate dosa. I asked Gaby and Marcus if they were hungry for a chocolate dosa and they of course said, "YES!" So we gave in to the craving...

Delicious! Gaby and I each got a latte to drink and Marcus tried their Mango Lassi, another success!

As I get ready for bed, I thank God for all of these businesses and consider it a privilege to interact with people from so many diverse cultures all right here within a mile or two of our house. Naty recently ate at a new Thai restaurant in on Georgesville Road. I look forward to giving it a taste sometime soon!