Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Latest

It's finally gotten cold here. We're coping by drinking much tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The past tow weeks have been pretty fun and thankfully healthy. It is so great to have the whole fa,ily healthy again and not hear so much coughing and nose-blowing.
Last weekend we had a great time connecting with several families. We met a new family that is related to Leno and Jaque in our house church last Friday night. We went with Leno and Jaque and had a discovery Bible study at their house and they are very interested in doing it again. We told Leno and Jaque that they are going to have to keep it going. It it happens, that will mean that they will be leading two new Bible study groups. It was such a blessing listening to them tell about how God is changing their lives and invite their "cousins" to trust God more.
Saturday we had supper with a Venezuelan family that is also just starting to walk with Jesus. They are a part of a different church, and we are encouraging them to keep connected there, but have also been able to encourage them in how to read the Bible for themselves. Again, God is amazing in the changes that he is bringing to their lives.
Sunday with our house church, we had a new family there as well. It was Sabina's cousin and she was able to unload some of the stress and unforgiveness in her heart and Sabina and her children prayed for her. Again, something that a year ago we never would have believed possible.
On Monday Gaby and Marcus participated in a MLK children's choir and loved it! Marcus even got his picture in the paper. If you click on this link and then view the slideshow, you will see him. Gaby was singing too, along with Sabina's daughter Emily too, but they were off on the sides, so they didn't get in the picture.
For this weekend, we have our annual Columbus Network of Microchurches (CNM) winter retreat. We aren't sure if many people from our church will be joining us since sometimes people in our Spanish group aren't quite as committed to the English groups. However, we ask you to pray for those who do go that it would be a refreshing time. We also ask that you pray that the retreat be a catalyst to our church to press on and keep working to see the Kingdon come more in our city.
Naty has started doing more with her Mary Kay business and we would appreciate your prayers for it to take off more. She is very good at her classes that she gives, but needs more people who will join her team.
School is a bit busy for me right now with report cards due and district writing assessments to do and state English tests right around the corner in February.
Next Sunday it looks like we will be sharing more about LAMP at Hicksville Mennonite Church and spending the day with Dan and Lynelle Delagrange and their family. They are former missionaries to Ecuador and we are interested in learning more about what they did when they were there.
Well, there is a brief update of what we are up to these days. What's going on in your neck of the woods? Are there ways we can be praying for you?