Monday, October 25, 2010

fun with papapa and mamama

We had Naty's parents visiting us from Venezuela the past 10 days. We started our visit with a trip to Belleville, Pennsylvania for an extended weekend. It was great to see family and friends for us and them. This year marked 15 years since Gustavo and Osiris first visited Belleville, PA when their youngest daughter Rosanna graduated from high school with me. Little did they or I know that they'd be back so many more times.

This is a nuclear power plant in the mountains of western PA that we always see along US Rt. 22 on our drive home from Belleville. Gaby says this is an ugly picture because of all the smoke that is contaminating the environment.

Here is Gaby having a tea party with Polly, a new Venezuelan doll that Papapa and Mamama (grandpa and grandma) brought her.

Some of our Mexican friends from our church came over on Thursday evening and brought some taquitos and stuffed peppers for us all to enjoy.

Gustavo and Osiris had visited Mexico early in their marriage and really enjoyed the tastes and tales of life in Mexico again.

Friday night we had some Venezuelan friends over for supper. (We forgot to take pictures.) After they left Gaby and Marcus started working on a puzzle and this is how they ended up!

Sunday morning early Papapa and Mamama left headed down to Miami then Puerto Rico and eventually Venezuela again.

Naty and I decided to have a real Sabbath rest on Sunday and slept in (after she got back from the airport at 7:00). Then we did a lot of reading praying and planning together the rest of the day. We were working a lot on a better budget and visioncasting for the future.

Then at about 6:00 our church got together at our house. We had a great time worshiping and sharing together.

The kids had a good time being the dancing and percussion section.

Ismaelito is getting good at keeping rhythm and loves helping me play the guitar. As soon as I get it out he comes over and wants to play it.

This coming weekend we would appreciate your prayers as we will be ministering to and with many of our churchmates at an Agape Prayer Ministry School. It will be a lot like the school that Vince and I led in Souderton, PA at the beginning of October. Please be praying for us as we share and minister and for the Holy Spirit to flow bringing forgiveness, breaking bondages and healing broken hearts. We are expecting great things from God.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Agape Prayer Ministry in Souderton, PA

Last weekend I had privilege of traveling with Vince Frey to Souderton, PA to present an Agape Prayer Ministry School at a Spanish church there. We had an amazing weekend and saw God move in some powerful ways.

We started out the weekend putting together teaching materials at the pastor's house. His daughter Sarita was a big help!

Then, Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon, we taught about Agape Prayer Ministry and prayed for people during the ministry times afterward.

The pastor couple, Segundo and Trilce, and their family are from Peru. Vince knows them from when he used to pastor a church in PA and he has been discipling them ever since.

Here are a few of the brothers who took part in the classes and ministry. By the end of the weekend, they were also praying for each other.

Hermano Reinaldo is an elder in the church and was a big help in pulling the weekend off.

Here are a few of the ladies who found a lot of freedom over the weekend. I don't think their smiles were as big on Friday as they were on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon more of the church got together for worship, teaching and ministry. Most of the people in the church work in restaurants and couldn't attend on Friday and Saturday so Sunday afternoon we met a lot more people.

This lady is also an ESL teacher and she was enjoying God's presence along with her dancing daughter.

Here we are with the pastoral family. From left: Vince, Segundo, JosuĂ©, Sara, Victoria, Segundo's mom who is visiting from PerĂș and yours truly.