Wednesday, June 9, 2010

slate run metro park

To celebrate my first real day of summer vacation (Monday I was writing a paper all day) we went to Slate Run Metro Park. I had gone to the park back in May with the third graders from Stiles and had a great time. I knew I wanted to take our family there, but didn't know when it would work.

We were keeping Bryan and Jose so their mom could work today so they came along with Marcus, Gaby and I to the park.

The park has a functioning 1880's era farm and the kids loved every bit of it. Gaby said she can't see why anyone would want to play Playstation if they could use a wooden hoop! She got pretty good at it.

Bryan, Marcus and Jose wanted to climb into the pasture with the chickens, cows and sheep, but I kept them on this side of the fence.

Here's Gaby again in "a one horse open sleigh." She said she always wondered what that was!

Saying "hi" to the horses that were cultivating the corn field.

Marcus said he had to wear his overalls since he was going to the farm. He absolutely loved the day.

Naty loved having a day at home alone too. She just started selling Mary Kay beauty products, so she spent the day getting her new business organized.

a new family member

We're happy to have a new "big brother" in our family for two months. Jose, AKA Pepe, is a law student from Mexico who is here through a college exchange program to learn more English. He spent a semester at Juniata College in Pennsylvania and is going to be with us in Columbus for two months while he is completing an internship at the Ohio Hispanic Coalition.

I'm not sure how much English he'll learn with us, but he is learning a lot about the immigrant experience here in Ohio. He would like to become an immigration attorney so he's getting an inside look at the complications of immigrants lives here.

It was such a blessing for both Naty and I to be welcomed into families in Guayaquil, Ecuador and Belleville, PA so we are glad to be able to return the favor for Pepe now. Gaby and Marcus are love having a big brother.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Two weeks ago we celebrated the first baptisms for our house church group. Gabriela our daughter and Alejandro and Yolanda, a Mexican couple in our group decided to go public with their commitment to Jesus. We had a very meaningful day with our house church network as well as with other friends at Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park.

It was the Global Day of Prayer so we first met for worship and prayer all together in English and Spanish.

Here is Gaby with one of her friends finding the lines for where we are singing.

Heading down to the creek.

Before the baptisms we gave each person time to share their testimonies about how they came to put their faith in Jesus.
Alejandro was the first to be baptized by his wife Yolanda and Naty and I.

Next, Alejandro helped Naty and I baptize Yolanda. We decided to include them in baptizing each other because we know that they will continue to disciple each other for the rest of their lives and we believe that the people who do the discipling should do the baptizing as well.

After that, Naty and I had the privilege of baptizing Gaby. It is on of the greatest thrills of my life to know that my daughter is committing herself to Jesus for life.

We then had a prayer time for all of the new disciples.

My Dad and Mom made the trek out from PA for the special day and we were very happy to have them with us, even though it was just for a day.

We celebrated in typical Latino style with a delicious "parrillada".

Here is Naty with a group of her lady friends.

And this is Dayana, the newest member of our church, born just a week earlier!

After the meal we played a little football, other wise known as soccer.

The kids had fun hanging out and playing at the playground.