Thursday, April 8, 2010

paseo a la cascada

On Good Friday afternoon Gaby, Marcus and I piled into the back of two Land Cruiser pickups along with several friends and family members to take short trip up the mountain from the farm to a waterfall. Here is a glimpse of that trip. Naty missed it because she opted to stay with her mom and prepare our yummy supper for when we returned.

Here is the view I had looking out over the front of the truck. I absolutely love the Andes Mountains! (Come to think of it, I actually like pretty much all mountains.)

This is the only one of many beautiful butterflies I got close enough to for a picture.

Here we are headed up the trail to the falls.

We made it!

Gaby and Marcus enjoying their time with Tío Ovidio, Tía Oskarina and Prima Veronica.

This is Naty's brother Ovidio and his wife Oskarina.

Gaby and Marcus with their cousin Veronica and Arianny a friend of Ovidio and Oskarina's.

Yours truly enjoying my kids!

This is Jouber or as Marcus says, Superman ready for a cold plunge.

We saw some coffee plants in bloom.

Marcus is showing some still green coffee beans.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

fotos de la boda

Here is the bride with her own personal Mary Kay consultant getting ready for the big event.

Gabriela, Veronica and Arianna, three nieces, were the flower girls for the day.

Here's Rosanna the beautiful bride finally ready to go.

Her very proud father, Gustavo.

Grandma Mamaoca, looking great at 98, escorted by Ovidio, Rosanna and Naty's brother.

Karen, Rosanna's friend and host sister, gave an amazing rendition of Ave Maria.

Here come the flower girls...

And here is the bride.

Braiding the chord or three strands that can't easily be broken. Each chord symbolizes God, Wladimir and Rosanna in their life long covenant.

Naty and I were the padrinos/godparents of the wedding and had the privilege of giving the meditation.

"Sí, lo haré"

Marcus was ready with the rings.

After Rosanna and Wladimir said their vows, Naty and I renewed our vows, to remember our ten year anniversary this year and celebrate our marriage with our Venezuela family and friends.

Presenting.... Rosanna and Wladimir Alcalá
The Alcalá family

The Briceño family

The Peachey-Briceño family

Time for the first dances.

Since Naty and I were the padrinos, we got to dance with the groom...

... and the bride.

Gustavo and Osiris, Naty's parents having a great time.

A picture with an honorary flower girl.

Here is our table with some of Naty's friends from college.

And here are some of Natacha and Rosanna's aunts and cousins.

Having fun during the "Hora Loca" with Shirley and some of Rosanna's Miami host family.

One last picture of the beautiful couple posing in the trapiche.