Saturday, February 27, 2010

network meeting

So we're a part of a house church network, what exactly does that mean? Naty and I lead two different Spanish speaking house churches on the West side of Columbus but we aren't alone in this venture. We're a part of Columbus Network of Micro-Churches which is a group of several house churches that each meet separately in different parts of the city. Every third Sunday of the month we get together on a Sunday for what we call a "Network Meeting" for worship, sharing and food together. Since most of the folks in our groups don't speak much English it's been a challenge to get them connected to the network. But this past Sunday we had two of the families join us for our gathering and they really liked it. We even got started about half an hour late so we were right on Latino time!

Here is a new picture of Ismael and Victalina and their little guy Ismaelito. They hadn't ever been to a network meeting before and said that they really liked it. They especially enjoyed how everyone was open and able to share with everyone else during our worship time. They thought it seemed like a big family. Can you say that it feels like a family get together when you go to church? I know we certainly can. I look forward to our gatherings every time.

Here are Alejandro, Yolanda, Dennis, Chio and little Kevin. This was their second time coming to a network event and they really enjoyed connecting with everyone too.They are brand new Christians and it is so refreshing to see how God is working in their lives. They have been growing in prayer and faith lately as they don't have steady work and their son Kevin has been sick. Say a prayer for them as you read this that God would keep providing and especially that Alejandro could find steady work.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

happy birthday Mexican style!

Last Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of my current students. It was a celebration for both her and her sister.

Here are the two birthday girls:

Here is our precious daughter with curls in the tips of her hair.

The whole birthday family.

Make a wish!

A Mexican tradition is to tell the person celebrating their birthday to take a bite out of the cake and then they push their face in the cake!

Big brother knew how to do it best!

Here I'm giving a bouncy horse ride.

Naty with some of our new friends.

All the kids enjoying the party. They really liked dancing a bit later.

Friday, February 19, 2010


So, Gaby woke up very excited this morning with her rollers still in. Then she took them out and had these beautiful curls! Her first reaction was, "Mom, I look like you!" She had a really fun day at school showing off her new look. Now she has the rollers in again tonight!

Another great thing about this picture is that if you look really close through the blinds you can see daylight! Yes, days are finally getting longer again. Now if the snow will just melt and the ground dry up I can get in the garden!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the past week

It seems like we have had more snow days than we have actually had of school over the past several days. We had two snow days last week and then had off for President's Day and another snow day this week!

Last weekend Naty and I presented at an Engaged Encounter, so it was nice to have some extra time off to recover from that before heading back to school on Wednesday. We used our days off to do what we like to do the most, visit friends and eat lots of yummy food!

On Monday we went to our friend Sabina's house and had some arepas stuffed with Mexican flavored beef. The combination was truly delicious. The meal reminded me of what I love the most, taking great things from multiple cultures and putting them together to make them even better!

That evening as the snow was falling it took me about and hour to drive to Ohio State for a midterm when it usually only takes about 20 minutes.

The next day we were happy to have a Tuesday off and after clearing out the driveway we piled in the mini-van to go to Milo's Greek restaurant for lunch and visit with our friend Leno.

After lunch and a visit, we headed downtown to Grant Medical Center to see little baby Joseph, the son of Mario and Paola, Colombian friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Little Joseph was only about 12 hours old when we saw him.

Mario and Paola are very happy, proud and sleepy parents.

From the hospital we headed up to near campus to visit with our friends Simeon and Janelle. For some reason we don't have any picture of them or Simeon and I shoveling out their driveway, but we do have some pictures Marcus took of their "Little People" toys. This lets you know what was really important from Marcus' point of view.

After some yummy donuts from Debbie Hochstedler we went to pick up Brian and Emily, Marcus and Gaby's friends to take them to "Build-a-Bear Workshop" to make stuffed animals for their birthday gifts. The kids were bummed that we couldn't stay longer to play in the mall because they didn't cancel school for Wednesday.

Tonight I had parent teacher conferences and Marcus went to juggling club with his new "big brother" LaMar. Naty spent the evening with Gaby and they went driving all around until they found some roller curlers. Gaby can't wait to take them out tomorrow and see how her curls turn out.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

snowy in Central Ohio

We had about 6-8 inches of snow Friday and Saturday and the kids have loved it! I didn't enjoy the shoveling part, but did enjoy taking them sledding this afternoon. We went with Gaby's new "big sister" Elizabeth and her sister Christy. I'll let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the post.

Friday, February 5, 2010

from there to here

My last post was from Barquisimeto and we are a long ways from there now so it's time to catch up. We left Barquisimeto way back on January 8th headed to Caracas.

Here is a glimpse at some of the barrios from all around Caracas.

Marcus loved watching all of the action at the airport

Here is Gaby eating her last arepa (con caraotas in Venezuela...

All set to go, "Goodbye Venezuela, we'll be back in March!"

We arrived in Miami and stayed at the house where Rosy lives. Her host mother makes cakes and is planning to make Rosanna's wedding cake. Here she made a cake for Gaby and Marcus to decorate.

They had a blast! Then we all enjoyed eating it at the Miami International Airport.

When we got home, it was time for Christmas again as we opened gifts that friends and family had for us here.

We love Stiles!!!

Alright! Time to farm!

We did a whole bunch of stuff in the past several weeks, but we don't have any pictures! The most memorable was having our church's winter retreat two weekends ago.

Then this week we got the camera out again. Here we had Virginia Oswald, a niece of a friend in Belleville, over for supper and Gaby and Marcus had fun singing "You are Holy" with her.

Today we are having a big snowstorm. Here is a snowman we made named Larry.