Friday, November 20, 2009

marcus' birthday

Marcus is now six years old! We celebrated his birthday last Friday night with our church and other friends.

Marcus couldn't wait for his friends to get here. The theme of his party was Marcus' Farm and he loved being dressed as a farmer.

Our friends are here!!!

The big surprise was that our friend Quimi (AKA Fosforito) came to entertain us all.
All the kids loved it.

And the grown-ups liked it too!

Gaby was really happy to have her friend Emily from her class at the party.

Fosforito had everyone's attention.

Marcus even had a visit from Grandma Peachey and Grandpa and Grandma Briceno thanks to Skype.

Here's all the farm animals.

We ended the night with the game "Pin the Hat on the Farmer" invented and produced by Gabriela Peachey.