Sunday, October 18, 2009

mid-october update

Greetings long lost blog readers! I can't believe that it's been a month and a half since I last posted. I knew our lives have been hectic, but didn't know it was that bad! We are now all back in school, which has life taking a totally different direction than it did in the summer.

Naty and I are both back to work at the schools we were at last year, and enjoying the year so far. I'm also back to studies at OSU learning about teacher decision making this quarter. Gaby is now a second grader and Marcus is in kindergarten. They both get to walk to school with me every day, which is a lot of fun!

Naty and I have started leading a Married for Life class every Wednesday evening, aside from our weekly house church gathering, so that is about all we can handle on the ministry front right now.

Gaby and Marcus have started taking violin lessons with a colleague of mine from the school I teach at and they are getting better at it. They have their first recital this coming Friday. They are also taking drama classes in Grove City every Saturday morning.

Here is a glimpse of some of our activities:

First day back to school for all of us.

In mid September we had an Engaged Encounter at Rosedale and had the privilege of having Naty's sister Rosy and her fiance Wladimir at the encounter.

Gaby and Marcus enjoyed some extra time with their "tios" after EE was over.

Enjoying an evening with some little friends at our place. We are helping this family out since they lost their home in a fire and are working to get all of their paperwork squared away.

Pumpkin carving fun!

Feliz cumpleanos Christian! The little boy Gaby is holding just turned one.

Marcus was having fun taking pictures. Here are the two most beautiful girls in the world cooking lunch. Naty is using a new hot pad that Gaby weaved for her.

Our dear friend Antonio from Honduras, helping us change our back door. He and his friends are also going to help us change out our windows next weekend.

Me, acting like I know what I'm doing! Notice the nice new door.

Here are the kids just after our drama class yesterday.

I'm so sick of paying for haircuts, so I decided to give Marcus a cut and then Naty cut my hair after that. Marcus was feeling really ICHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

After the haircuts, we went to work, taking all of the plants out of our garden. A sad day, but it just means spring will be coming again.

This morning we had a baby dedication with our church for these two happy families. God bless you Jonathan and Brennan!

After our gathering we had a nice hike at the park where we were meeting.

Fall has certainly arrived in central Ohio and we love seeing all the colors.