Friday, August 28, 2009

philadelphia and camping in pa

I need to work on this post a bit more but for now, here are some pics. more later

the peacheys visit nyc

We made a quick one day trip to NYC on August 8 with my cousin Rich. Here is a bit of our trip on the subway.

Gaby with a live statue.

Mis bellas mujeres....
Rich was our tour guide... (insert sarcastic glance here)
Us and Lady Liberty.Inside the Ellis Island museum.
Marcus was really hungry for pasta so we found some thanks to our friend Amy's iPhone.

Monday, August 3, 2009

globalocal house church

Thanks to a suggestion from our friend Michael Phillipps, we decided to open up our house church to the world by inviting in people via video chat. Tonight we had Naty's parents join us from Venezuela as we had communion, ate arepas, sang and talked about faith. It was especially meaningful that we could put our faith into action and pray for Naty's dad since he goes to his doctor tomorrow to see if his ankle is healing well from the surgery so they can give him a hard cast.
During our gathering, just after a few worship songs, our dear friends Luis y Nubia stopped in to say goodbye before heading back to Philadelphia where they now live. We really miss having them here in Columbus, but it was great to see them over the weekend and giving them a prayer of blessing before they went.
So to put it all together tonight we had church with people who are native to PA, New York, Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Ecuador! There is nothing I love more that seeing first hand that the Kingdom of God truly is about ALL nations coming together to worship The King.