Monday, April 13, 2009

the meaning of Easter

This was the first Easter (I think ever) that we didn't go to church, we simply were church. But I also have to say that it was probably the most memorable and meaningful Easter we've ever had as well. We truly had a celebration feast and then had a very practical, personal, applicable worship time after the feast. Each of us shared what resurrection means for us through words and You Tube videos. Our friend Mary Kay led us in a very powerful ceremony as we each nailed a sin that we struggle with to a block of wood representing the cross. I realized after we were done that we didn't even sing or read the Bible. We simply shared scriptures that we knew by heart or shared what was on our heart. Even the kids were involved. It was very refreshing.

Then this morning Marcus drew this picture on the whiteboard in Gaby's room. It shows Jesus on the cross surrounded by flowers (the circles) and the Holy Spirit (the lines). The true meaning of Easter is obviously still beating in his heart and I pray that it will be in mine and yours all year long!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter trumps Christmas as the most meaningful holiday for me, especially after reading "Surprised by Hope" by N.T. Wright. I love spring too, so that makes Easter all the more exciting. This year, our whole family fasted from various things during lent and that also made the arrival of Easter day more joyous.

We celebrated the death and resurrection with both mega-church and micro-church experiences. For Good Friday we went to the Columbus Vineyard, a church of 3,000 + members and shared communion and worship with them.

Then today, resurrection day, we enjoyed a Mexican feast with our house church friends as well as the Eichelman family, friends that we met last year in Spain. Last June we got to spend a week at their house as we helped them with their English camp near Madrid. This weekend we were privileged to host them and share our experiences with house churches with each other. They are hoping to start house churches in their new hometown of Huntington, PA. All of the kids planned and presented the following drama of Jesus' resurrection.

Here is another video I found with the Easter Anthem "The Lord is Risen Indeed". It is by far my favorite Easter hymn. Since we didn't sing it this morning I thought I'd find it and sing it this afternoon. The icons are very interesting. I have my doubts that Jesus really looks like any of the images! I hope not, otherwise meeting him as he is presented here could be a scary experience! The music is great though.