Sunday, March 29, 2009

acting fun

This afternoon we went to see the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" at Jonathan Alder High School in Plain City. It was an amazing show, Gaby and Marcus really loved it. When we got home they decided that they wanted to do some acting too.

We saw some midget skits like this last year in Spain and so they thought they would give it a try. Here is a peek at their shows. We had a LOT of laughs!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the newest Peachey

On Sunday we adopted a new member into our family. While Gaby and Marcus were playing with the neighbor boy a fluffy gray cat came wondering up to them. Gaby fell in love right away and went to get her some milk and some of Coffee's dog food. The cat acquired the name "Pepper" and decided to stay.
We asked all of the neighbors if it was their cat and no one claimed it. So now, we have Pepper Peachey in the family!
The kids and I built a small cat door in the back of our shed, so Pepper has a house. Naty will have nothing to do with her living in our house!

Gaby is really hoping that she is pregnant and we have some little kittens soon. Who knows, we may have several new Peacheys on the way!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


We love weekends! This one is great because there is tons of sunshine and the air is a bit warmer.

Yesterday Marcus went to school with Naty. Here are some pictures of Mrs. Peachey at work and Marcus with the class.
Today we hung out with several friends and worked in the garden some. We had brunch with Carla, Derrek, Noelia, Ximena and Bridget. Then for supper we had Lamar Yoder and the Kenton and Karissa Kauffman family over. After some yummy Venezuelan food Lamar showed us some of his many juggling tricks.

Marcus loved it and tried to do it, but it just didn't quite work out the same! Unfortunately, Gaby wasn't feeling the greatest and fell asleep and missed the show.

Here's a quick peek at the juggling show.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Finished. Winter quarter is finished now a reprieve until spring quarter starts the 31st. We celebrated tonight with my new friend Alex and with a wonderful meal from Naty for us all to enjoy. She is the best cook in the world!
Then I got to workout tonight too. Dug half of the garden. What a relaxing time! I love spring!!! Time to get dirty again and plant, can't wait.
How did Jesus know so much about planting if he was a carpenter? He must have moonlighted with his own garden/fields too.
There is no better place to pray, reflect and be than in a garden with a shovel in your hand.

Face paint fun

It was even more fun to be with cousins over the weekend
Somebody was tired this afternoon

So glad to get in the garden

And ready to sleep when we were done