Wednesday, February 18, 2009

westside bible camp

We met today to keep preparing for a Bible camp this summer here in our neighborhood. We still don't have confirmation on a place to host the camp, so we invite your continued prayers for that. We are hoping that we can have it at the same apartment complex that we used last year, but who knows, maybe God has other things in store.
We keep praying about how we can connect more in our community and what God wants to do here on the West side. We see so much need but want to focus our efforts in a way that will be most fruitful. For now we just keep praying, but aren't exactly sure where to begin to act yet.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's been too long since I've posted to say all that we've been up to, but here is a brief run through. I've decided to limit my computer time to 30 minutes a day to get other things done, so I haven't really made the time to write here lately. I think I may be over that quota for today but wanted to throw up a few current events before hitting the sack for another day.
This past weekend we had an Engaged Encounter up in Dover, OH and that was a great way to spend Valentine's Day and the weekend. Our dear friends Kenton and Karissa were nice enough to keep Gaby and Marcus for the weekend and then we got to spend Sunday evening with them when we got back to Columbus and had a great time.
If you didn't hear, Chavez won the referendum he was hoping for in Venezuela on Sunday and will no longer have any term limit for himself or any other elected official in the country. This gives him even more license to carry on with his "dictatorship" and socialist agenda. His spending, not unlike our country's, is leading Venezuela into debt and doesn't seem to be healing the countries social ills. Can anyone truly heal but Jesus? I'm all for helping to poor, but giving handouts without any accountability isn't exactly progress if you ask me. we all have lessons to learn in that I think.
The current challenge for ministry for us is deciding in whom to focus our discipling efforts. We have many ideas, but are praying for more direction into whom we truly ought to invest the most time. It's a hard decision, we keep reaching out to lots of people but looking at Jesus I keep coming back to how he picked 12 and then 3 of those 12 in whom he dedicated to locus of his energy. Talking with Kenton the other night he challenged me with the same message. I want to do it but at the same time it's hard to say no to people you know need help. I guess it's the same with socialist dictators' handouts though. Everyone wants help, the question is who wants to help others? Those are the people I need to look for. Who actually looks beyond his own interests and into the intrests of others?
Tomorrow night we have our second meeting to plan the second Westside Bible Camp this coming summer. If you can, shoot a pray up about that because we don't know yet when or where we will hold it this year. The venue we used last year has changed ownership so it remains to be seen if they will let us come back or not. We are praying for favor.
Well, that's pretty much the latest. Thanks for reading. I'd be interested in ideas from anyone about how Jesus knew which disciples to pick. Or, to bring it closer home, how do you know which disciples to pick?