Sunday, June 15, 2008

explorando Vigo

We´ve been having a great time with Fernando, Jenny and Alana. They are living in an apartment above Fernando´s grandma´s house while they wait to move into their new house. Friday night after picking us up at the bus terminal we went to their place to have supper: totilla EspaƱola, salad, potato chips, ham, summer sausage, and cheese with flavored non-alcoholic beer. Very tasty!

Gaby and Marcus have had a great time playing with Alana, Fernando and Jenny´s 14 month old daughter. They´ve also loved the house which has a large enclosed patio with a vegetable garden, porches to play on and even a chicken coop with laying hens and fryers. Today for lunch we ate one of the chickens with potatoes and peas straight from the garden. It doesn´t get any better!
Gaby and Marcus have also been having fun with Saray, Fernando´s sister who lives with them. She just graduated from university in fine arts and has lots of costumes to play dress up. She previously studied English in England for four months and speaks very well, so the kids have loved that too.
Yesterday, Sunday, for lunch we had paella, the official dish of Spain. Here it is with homemade bread and wine, the traditional side kicks. If you had paella with us in Belleville, that was good, but true paella is made with seafood. This one had shrimp, clams and calamar.
Here are Fernando and Jenny on the balcony outside the bedroom of their new house. The house is still under construction and they are hoping to move in in a few months. The view of Vigo across the bay is amazing.
Marcus decided to take a picture of Mommy and Daddy too.
After visiting their new house we traveled on to the coast to Area de Bon, a small beach near Vigo. The word "area" is Gallego for "arena" (sand in Spanish) in Galicia, the province we are in, the official language is Gallego, a local dialect that is more like Portuguese than Spanish.
While the big people talked, the kids had fun in the sand. Here I was taking my shoes and socks off to join them in the sand. We went down to the water and found some very pretty stones along the shore.

After the beach we headed to a mall to buy Marcus some flip flops. Our luggage still hasn´t caught up with us yet, so the only shoes he had we´re his cowboy boots! Now he´s all set with the flip flops. Here are are having supper at a Spanish restaurant at the mall.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vigo, Spain

We made it here to Vigo last night and are having a great time with Fernando, Jenny and their 14 month old little girl, Alana. Gaby and Marcus have been having fun cleaning the floors and dressing up in costumes that Fernando's sister has because she just graduated from the university with a degree in fine arts. Here is a picture of the kids on the balcony and another picture of the view from the house they live in.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

we're (almost) off

Tomorrow our family heads across the pond to Spain. We have three reasons for this trip and three weeks that we will be there.
First we will be visiting with friends in Vigo, northern Spain. We will be spending most of our time with Jenny, a Venezuelan young lady that we met in VA when we lived there and who has decided to dedicate herself more to Jesus. We'll also visit with Monica, a lady that graduated from high school with Naty.
Second we are helping at an English camp that I wrote more about with an earlier post.
Thirdly we will be traveling to Granada to visit with Pablo and Judi Kauffman and Kevin and Wendy Mayer to see first hand what RMM is doing and planning to do in Spain.
I guess another reason for this trip would be to have a cross-cultural trip as a family. We've never been to Europe and are excited about the trip, seeing new places, hearing new languages and eating new things.
I hope to be able to post a time or two while we are there, we'll see. Chao.