Tuesday, May 27, 2008

to Belleville we go

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Belleville visiting family and helping with a fund-raiser meal for our upcoming trip to Spain with a group from our church there. Here are some of the pictures for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jim!

Last night we celebrated Jim Conley's birthday. Jim and his wife Maria are a part of our house church and Maria had a party for him yesterday. It was Jim's birthday and our anniversary.

We were also celebrating because Ana, shown here with her mom Jaquelina, is graduating from high school this year. They have also joined our house church in the past few months.

The kids had a lot of fun with the watermelon! So did the adults.

first fruits

Tonight we picked the first harvest from our garden, some spinach that Naty used to make some pasta al pesto with penne pasta, very yummy. It was amazing how well Gaby and Marcus ate the spinach, they loved it! Won't be long until we have some lettuce and onions too!


I just read another E-mail from a friend in Sudan. I love to hear from him and hear about how God is saving him from fire fights and destruction and he is still able to reach out to others with the message of the kingdom. I pulled up Sudan on Google Earth and flew around praying for several minutes and was amazed to see the documentation of the killings in Darfur. I challenge you to take some time to reflect and pray for our brothers and sisters around the globe in Sudan, Myanmar, China, Kakuma, Kenya, so many places. For 30 minutes, I went beyond my little classroom here at Pleasant View and connected with the Father on behalf of others in prayer. I encourage you to do the same.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

on the horizon

Our family is looking forward to going to Spain this summer to help with an English camp for children in a small town called San Agustin de Guadalix just northeast of Madrid. We will be joining a team from Locust Grove, our church in Belleville as well as our good friends Matt and Mim Roggio to work together at the camp. The Eichelman family will be leading the camp and we will be staying with them while we are there. Next weekend we are going to be going to Belleville to have a fund-raiser with the team from Locust Grove. Come eat some paella if you can!

Today we went up to Johnsville, OH to visit with Matt and Mim and do some planning for the camp. We went to church with them and had lunch with Mim's parents and then headed back to the Roggio's to talk/plan.

When we got back to the Roggio's house, we realized we didn't have any keys to get in! So, we sent Marcus and Gaby in through a window to let us all in!

Gaby made a new friend with "Amore" Matt and Mim's furry feline. Too bad mommy hates cats!

I made a new friend too, sorry you can't hear the sound effects!

Here we are at the only place with cell phone reception talking with the Eichelmans in Spain. They are Matt's aunt and Uncle. Do we live in a small world or what?

Marcus got-a-hold of our camera and took a self-portrait and several other shots.

Here are some of the toys he liked.

One of his close-ups of some pretty decorations. Artsy!

He was impressed with this air freshener as well.

One more self-portrait. I think we have an aspiring photographer on our hands!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

catching up

It's been a while since I just posted some pictures of our family so I thought I'd do that tonight. This should give a glimpse of what we've been doing in the past month.

We had the privilege of having Naty's parents with us for two weeks back in April. I wrote a bit about that before, but here is a picture from when we went to the National Air Force Museum in Dayton with them.
We said goodbye to Luis, Laura and Jason at the end of April. They occasionally joined us for our house church and we got to know them pretty well. They left Columbus to spend a few weeks with family in New York and then flew back to their home in Ecuador after having lived here for seven years. The amazing thing is that even though they weren't regularly a part of our house church, they still started sharing Jesus with their family in NYC and called us to ask if we knew of any churches there that they could recommend to their family. If you know of any Hispanic churches in NYC that we could tell them about, let us know.

We have also said hello to some new families who have joined our house church in the past few months. Here we are at another house having our weekly gathering.
Gaby and Marcus are excited that there are new kids in the group too. Here they are while we're singing.

I turned 31 on April 28 and Naty planned a great party for me.

Here are most of the friends that came for the party. We also celebrated Maria's(third from right in front row) graduation from beauty school that same day. She is now a full fledged hair stylist.

On April 30 we went to an OSU softball game for a "Family Night". They were playing a doubleheader against Ohio University.

Between games we went over to the track and field stadium to have some fun running and...


The night before Gaby's first ever field trip she fell asleep like this praying that it wouldn't rain. They went to the zoo on May 8.

Naty went along with the class as a chaperon. It rained a little bit, but not too much. They all had a great time.

They especially liked watching the elephants play in the mud

We've enjoyed spending more time with our neighbors Jim and Lori lately. Naty has been painting a lot with Lori. Here the kids learned how to clean a fish with Jim.

I decided to plant a garden this year and here is what it looks like so far. Last Saturday I was building some supports so that the pole beans can grow up over the fence.

Here, Marcus took a picture of us, the kids are loving the garden too.

That night we cooked some hot dogs and s'mores over a fire in the back yard and had a Mother's Day picnic a day early.

After going to out house church network meeting to pray for the Global Day of Prayer, we visited the Spanish church that we used to be a part of in the afternoon. This is the "Rondalla de Sembradores", a musical group that started right when we were leaving the church. They had some special songs for the mothers.

Where's Naty? Can you find her in this group of mommies?

Who knows what all will happen in the next month? One big thing on the horizon is that we are planning to go to Spain from June 12 - July 2. There are several things we are planning to do there. The main event will be helping a team from Locust Grove with the Eichelman family who will be putting on an English camp as an outreach for their ministry there. We will also be visiting Jenny, a friend from Venezuela that we met in Virginia, and her family in Vigo, Spain. We also hope to see Pablo and Judi Kauffman and maybe Kevin and Wendy Mayer and their family in Granada. We will be keeping our eyes and ears open in prayer as we are there as we evaluate the possibility of moving to Spain in the future. Please keep us in your prayers as well.