Monday, September 17, 2007

we have a dream

My head has been spinning the past few months about possibly starting a business here on the West side. My thoughts come with much fear and trembling because this isn't exactly the most up and coming part of Columbus, but more like the down and going part. But none the less, we as a family are convinced that God has us here for a reason and he has called us to be his ministers here in Lincoln Village. Not Venezuela. Not Iraq. Not China. Not Sudan. But Lincoln Village.
We were thinking of starting a business in Venezuela as a way to be self-supported missionaries there but God had other plans and decided to keep us here in Columbus. So my question to Him is, "does He want us to start a business to be self-supported missionaries here?" and "What business?"
I've had two ideas over the past two or three weeks one, a for profit small bakery and coffee shop and the other, a non-profit community center. For both we would look into government grants or loans to get started. The small business would be just that, small and personal. While the non-profit would offer a combination of services that we could offer to the community probably with the help of area churches.
Both of these ideas would be directed toward connecting with and caring for the Hispanic community here in the area. We would also have the ultimate goal of being an incarnate example of Jesus in the business that we are running.
Right now, it is a dream (Naty literally was dreaming about it all last night) and we are praying and knocking on doors to see which ones He opens. The picture below shows a building about a block away from our house that is currently for sale and that I took a look at last evening. It isn't the most attractive of places but would be more than adequate to start a small coffee shop and bakery. And who knows we could probably even do a small food bank and free store there too! Although we've thought more about having a space for other Latino craftsmen and women to sell their services and wares.
For now Naty and I have made a decision to keep praying and seeking God. We know that if He wants us to join Him in a business venture He'll open the way. We want to join him in the expansion of His Kingdom and not just establish our own little enterprise.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

last winter

This is an old video but I wanted to try You Tube out. Enjoy the snow, it won't be long until it's here again!

our latest pictures

End of the summer

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a most amazing woman

Naty never ceases to amaze me with all that she can do in a day. Aside from being a great mom and taking care of everything around the house she still spends so much time reaching out and loving people in our community. A week ago a dear sister from our house church had surgery and Naty has been sure that she and her husband have been well taken care of with hospital visits and home-cooked meals. They were both expressing their gratitude to me this evening about letting her go to be able to help. Shoot, that's the least I can do! Naty has such a caring, loving, Jesus-filled heart that she can't help but serve people in need.
There isn't a week goes by when she hasn't been to the doctor's office with someone or has at least had two or three women over for coffee and conversation or even a full meal. It blesses me to see all the ways that God has blessed her with opportunities to share and given her even more passion and love for people. You are truly amazing Honeycita!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"but i would RIDE 500 miles and I would RIDE 500 more"

OK, so that's not quite what the song says, but it's what I've done so far this year on my bike. I took a ride with Gaby on Sunday and got to over 500 miles for the year so far. Of course the 220 mile Ride of Missions helped out, but I've kept riding ever since. I've started riding my bike to work every day but Wednesday, so that gives me a little over 18 miles round-trip each day. At that rate, it won't be long until I get to 1,000 miles and more! I love the exercise and reflection time and highly recommend biking to anyone who can ride on two wheels.