Thursday, June 28, 2007

core practices

At the beginning of June Naty and I had a very refreshing week of spiritual renewal and growth as we participated in RMM's new missionary and intern orientation. During that time, we learned about RMM's "Core Values" and we decided that we would like to make our own for our family so through some prayer and copying some of RMM's this is what we came up with. One slight change is that we decided that instead of calling them "core values" we wanted to call them "core practices" thinking that what we believe is demonstrated by what we do, so we want to be sure that we are doing these things.
  1. We will love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbors as ourselves.
  2. We will prioritize our marriage and family as first ministries and strive to minister as a family as much as possible.
  3. We will study the scriptures, pray and fast regularly
  4. We will make reproducing disciples
  5. We will walk by faith.

These seem like big tasks but we want to be held accountable to actually doing them so I guess that is why I'm making this post. If we are not accomplishing this things, then please let us know and guide us toward doing them. Thank you.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

resumen = summary

OK, it's pretty much impossible to summarize one month of our lives in one blog entry so I'm not even going to try! Here are some of the most recent highlights and as they say in Spanish, "lo que se quedo, se quedo!"

If you haven't heard by some other way yet, we have decided not to move to Venezuela after all. Our house didn't sell and we really feel that God is not done with us here in Columbus, so here we are!

School out for me now, so I am working M, W, and F for Howard Troyer doing remodeling and am enjoying it. T and TH I'm taking a class at Ohio State called "Trends and Issues in Language, Literacy and Culture" very interesting!

Naty is now a U.S. citizen, so that is the biggest thing that has happened for her lately. She has also felt more like she is at home since we have decided that we are staying here and not planning on leaving any time soon.

Gaby and Marcus are enjoying the summer with lots of water and popcycles! Gaby is now registered for school at Stiles Elementary School, which is just a half a block from our house, so she is very excited about that. She start kindergarten in late August.

Since the last time I wrote we spent our weekends camping, in PA, camping again and now at home for the weekend. Our neighbor B.J. told me today that I must be bored because we aren't going away somewhere this weekend! Actually it has been a very fun day just being at home and enjoying our family.

Here are a few pictures from the past week: On Monday night we had a birthday party for Soraya, the woman on the far left in the back, she and her family are from Colombia. The other couple on the couch is from Costa Rica.

We signed up with "Mennonite Your Way" to host people at our house and had our first guests Wednesday night. This young family (originally from Japan) is on their way from Harrisonburg, VA to San Diego, CA! He just finished seminary at EMS and they are going to be pastoring a Japanese church in CA.

This afternoon we went to the Home Depot behind our house and Naty got some flowers there. Our neighbor Lori made this bench a long time ago and was going to throw it away, but Naty said she would like to have it, so here is what it looks like now in front of our house.

For supper tonight we cooked hot dogs over a fire in our fire ring in the backyard (just like camping but without the camp!) and had some arroz con leche and strawberries for desert. Can you tell the kids enjoyed it?