Thursday, March 29, 2007

needing prayer

I don't like to complain, but I've been having some very nasty back pain over the past week. So bad that I actually went to the doctor yesterday. She gave me some anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxers which really relaxed me last night. I slept like a baby and didn't really want to get up in the morning! Please pray with me that the pain goes away. My doctor also gave me some new back exercises so I'm doing them morning and evening and want to keep walking with Coffee (our dog) every morning. I also mowed the lawn tonight and need to mow a neighbor's tomorrow, so I should be getting more than enough exercise again. Thank you God for spring!
Marcus, Gaby and Naty have also been fighting some nasty coughs. Please pray the viruses will go away!
Please also pray that God would sell our house in His time. I think I'm a little too anxious about the whole thing. I need to remember that He is in charge and Naty is good at reminding me of that fact.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

getting closer

For the past several evenings and over last weekend we have been getting our house all spruced up to sell. This morning our realtor came and now it is official, 136 Darien Ave is up for sale.
We are trusting in God's timing as we sell our house that it won't be too quick or too slow. Ideally we are hoping that it sells at the end of May or beginning of June. We are hoping that if it sells in time we will be able to spend the months of June and July in Belleville with family and friends there before leaving to Venezuela in August.

our kreative kids

It is a lot of fun to see how well Gabriela and Marcus play together and also seeing how creative they are in making things when they are inside because of cold weather.
Yesterday I had to take a sick day because the respiratory bug that had hit everyone else in our family finally got me too. After sleeping in a long time, it was neat to be with Gaby and Marcus and see all of the fun things that they enjoy during the day. We are so very grateful that Naty can stay at home with them, because we know they wouldn't have the same opportunities and formation if it wasn't for Mom's encouraging. Here are some of the latest art projects our future Picasso's have come up with.

This is a beautiful flower that Gaby designed and made for Mommy all by herself!

This is "Ponyville" a little town Gaby made for her pony to play in.

We went to Iglesia Cristiana Hispana yesterday afternoon. I helped to lead worship and we got to stay for the meal afterward. Gaby and Marcus love going to be able to go to Sunday School, which we don't really do with house churches. Marcus made this headband there and he didn't take it off the rest of the day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

family night with new friends

In all of the craziness and business of our lives we always make sure we have one night a week for "Family Night". Gaby and Marcus always look forward to it and so do Mom and Dad. Tonight we went to "La Casita" Mexican restaurant with a co-worker of mine and her husband. We love Mexican food and she had been raving about this restaurant for a few months so finally we had a time that we could all go together. It was VERY delicious!
After some good comida mexicana we went to Graeter's for ice cream and Gaby and Marcus were thrilled that they had an indoor play area there. They even met a new friend named Faith and had great fun at Graeter's! (gotta love the pun)

Us with Tim and Kat at La Casita

Gaby, Marcus and Faith on one big Banana

March Madness?

"Can't I get just a bit more ice cream?"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Jesus blew me away again this week. I'm reading Luke now and I love it. I think it takes the cake over Matthew and Mark, although Matthew gave him a good run for his money. OK great segue... speaking of money, Luke 16:15b is what really got me. Jesus said, "What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight." Wow! Think about that. What is highly valuable for men? Money, houses, cars, cool cell phones, jewelry, i pods, fame, cool blogs, OK you get my point. That stuff is actually detestable to God!
We are now beginning to pack up stuff to either ship, store, sell or give away. Going through all of my stuff makes me think about what is valuable in God's sight.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

sunday evening fellowship

On Friday, Joe, a co-worker at Norton that grew up Mennonite, brought up that in his fmily they always got together with other families and friends on Sunday evenings for fellowship. I remember doing the same thing when we were kids. Today we kept that wonderful Mennonite tradition alive. We had some good friends, Fredi, Gloria, Irving and Christopher, over for hamburgers on the grill. I also made a fire in our fire barrel that I got from my dad and we roasted marshmallows. By that time, two neighbor girls, Ana and Jessica came over to join the party. Everybody had fun outside until it got too cold and dark, then we kept the conversation going indoors. Here are some of the pics.

is spring springing?

It seems like spring is actually on the way and with the time change, we're really excited about seeing more sun! It's been a while since I posted some pictures and family happenings, so for those of you who are looking for more pics and less contemplative conversation, this post is for you! I'll get back to thinking on another day, for now I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Naty has started baking whole wheat sourdough bread about once or twice a week. Here Marcus is helping her. Usually she makes one normal sized loaf for our family and then two or three small loaves that we can give away to other people.

For our "Family Night" this past Thursday we all worked at getting our support letter mailing together to send out to begin fundraising for our move to Venezuela. Gaby and Marcus actually personally signed 60 of the letters too, that took some work!

El Remedio para la tos - cough remedy: this is a homemade remedy that Naty's mom always made for her when she had a cough when she was little. It consists of a sliced onion with honey. Naty really had a laugh when I actually made it too on Friday night. She was at a "lady's night out" with our house church network and Marcus kept begging me for the "remedio" so I made it. I'm still not convinced of its effectiveness, but at least it made my son happier! (He still has a cough though.)

Naty found these rain coats on sale at Aldi's (our favorite store) so she got them for Gaby and Marcus. They got to use them Saturday morning and were all smiles. Fortunately the rain stopped at about noon and I was able to do some touch-up painting in the front of our house. We are trying to get our place all spruced up to put it up for sale.

Gaby and Marcus were both wore out from a long Saturday of working, playing and hanging out with friends in the evening. This is how Gaby fell asleep last night. Too cute to resist a picture!

Friday, March 9, 2007

peachey times vol. 1 no. 1

The following is the plain text version of "Peachey Times", our bi-monthly update letter. Due to my lack of technological skills, I haven't figured out how to get the cool version up on our blog yet. I'd be open to advice from any of you as to how to do it.
If you would like to get the real thing, please send me an email( In the mean time, here is the "no frills"edition:

Dear Family and Friends,
For the first time in a long while, I feel like we have actually been too busy to write an update letter. I think that is a sure sign that we need to slow down! Instead of boring you with the details of all that the past to months have held, I think I’ll just give a timeline that lists the main events and then highlight a few specific God sightings.

Dec 23- Jan 2
Christmas w/ family in PA and visiting w/ friends in VA
Jan 12-14
Learning from Just Walk Across the Room with CNM
Jan 20
4th Noche de Gloria Multi-Church Spanish Praise and Worship night
Jan 25-29
Naty and I went to Long Beach, CA to an Organic Church Planting Conference
Feb 9-11
Engaged Encounter in Dover, OH
Feb 17-20
Naty and Marcus were both very sick w/ the flu
Mar 3
Went to Mansfield, OH to speak at the Johnsville Mennonite Church’s winter youth retreat

One other major happening in our lives is that we have now been officially appointed by Rosedale Mennonite Missions to go to Venezuela in August of this year. We are very excited and grateful to God for his continued leadership as we continue on this journey. In the next few weeks we will be sending out a mailing that describes in detail what our plans are in going to Venezuela and offers you the opportunity to support us financially if God leads you to that.

Discipleship has become a main focus for both Naty and I in a much deeper way since the beginning of the year. Each of us has several people that we have begun meeting with on a regular basis for Bible study, prayer and sharing life together. We have been sort of been following the Life Transformation Groups that we read about in Organic Church but we have also been flexible to follow as God leads in each relationship. We have both been enjoying the one-on-one relationships with others very deeply and have found even deeper life and fulfillment in ministry in this way. Without a doubt, we are thoroughly enjoying the freedom that we have from meeting as house churches to focus our efforts on people so much more than meetings and programs.

Gaby and Marcus had great fun with all of the snow that we had during February. I actually had five days off school thanks to cold weather and the white stuff, so it was great to actually get to use their sled this year! Last year I think we only got it out one time! It’s so much fun now that both of them are big enough to be outside and help with shoveling driveways and sidewalks. We loved it!

Here are a few of the things you can be praying about over the next few months:
· The sale of our house
· Continued growth in the relationships we have built
· 5th Noche de Gloria March 24
· A restful Spring Break and safe trip to Belleville Apr. 4-8
· Engaged Encounter in Dover, OH Apr. 27-29

Many blessings,

Dion, Naty, Gabriela and Marcus

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

seminary is overrated

I've been reading The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch. Great stuff. This past week I've been working my way though the chapter on disciple making and learning a lot. Yesterday I was reading about Inspirational Leadership, which Alan presents as "authentic spiritual leadership." He goes on to say that, "The source of true spiritual power behind great leadership... is not found in externalities, but rather in the mixture of calling, gifting, and personal integrity."

How much of the "spiritual authority" that is practiced in the church is actually authentic when defined in this way? It's amazing how we have accredited spiritual leaders certain "authority" based upon the degrees that they have and the seminaries where they have studied. What about personal integrity? Gifting? Calling? Aren't these much more important than titles and degrees?

Hirsch goes on to say, "Perhaps the single most significant source of the malaise of leadership in our day comes from the way, and the context, in which we form leaders. For the most part, the would-be leader is withdrawn from the context of ordinary life and ministry in order to study in a somewhat cloistered environment, for up to seven years in some cases." (TFW pg. 121) He says that the seminarian is "socialized out of ordinary life" and develops a "type of language and thinking that is seldom understood and expressed outside of the seminary." To me, seminaries don't make disciples, life, action and obedience do.

I imagine that seminary has some value, (at least I know that it costs a lot of money) but personally I have been amazed by how much Naty and I have learned by being in a missionary internship for the past two years. We could have both quit our jobs, took more loans and went to seminary, but I don't think that we would have learned nearly as much as we have "getting our hands dirty" in ministry. Isn't that how the disciples learned? Isn't that how we ought to keep making disciples?

I want to say a BIG thank you to Locust Grove Mennonite Church, New Covenant Fellowship, Rosedale Mennonite Missions, Iglesia Cristiana Hispana, and Columbus Network of Micro-Churches. You all have supported us spiritually, financially, with encouragement, and through prayer. You have given us our "seminary degrees." THANK YOU!

insights from Organic Church

In November of 2005 Max Zook, our pastor from Belleville, gave us a copy of Organic Church by Neil Cole. I devoured it within the next week, and haven't been the same since. After reading that book and receiving Max's blessing and the "go ahead" from Rosedale Mennonite Missions we totally refocused our efforts in Columbus on starting house churches. It is hard to believe it's been over a year already, and I still feel like there is so much that we need to learn.
We have yet to start another house church aside from the one at our house, but we have been able to disciple a lot more people one-on-one than we were doing before, so we are on the way. It has been a total change reorienting our lives around lost people instead of church activities and I think we are beginning to see God's hand in the lives of others who really need Him.

The following list is from Guy Muse's blog, I stole it. I confess. (You can get to his blog under my "Favorite Blogs" list) He has been reading through Organic Church and has had some great questions/comments about what he's discovering. I really need to read it again, but the following "Top Ten" quotes are a good refresher. Thanks Guy.

My personal favorite is the last one in the "Honorable Mention" list. What do you think?

ORGANIC CHURCH - By Neil Cole TOP TEN quotes:
10. If you want to win this world to Christ, you are going to have to sit in the smoking section.

9. If we can't see them, we won't love them (Matt.9:36).
If we can't love them, we won't pray for them (9:36-38).
If we can't pray for them, we won't win them (10:1).
If we can't win them, we won't send them (10:2-5).

8. Bad people make good soil--there's a lot of fertilizer in their lives.

7. Simplicity is the key to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation. If the process is complex, it will break down early in the transference to the next generation of disciples. The more complex the process, the greater the giftedness needed to keep it going. The simpler the process, the more available it is to the broader Christian populace.

6. There are two kinds of lost people in the world, the moths and the cockroaches. In the darkness, it's impossible to tell them apart, so the best way to discover the difference is to turn the light on. The moths will be drawn to the light, and the cockroaches will flee.

5. Though we long for fresh fruit, many of our efforts at growing it leave us with nothing but mud because we have failed to plant the seed that brings life. It does not matter how good you are at fertilizing, watering, cultivating, and harvesting. If you do not plant the seed, you will never have a harvest--never.

4. We must invest everything in the few who will bear fruit. Life is too short and the potential yields are too great to spend our lives babysitting fruitless people.

3. We would do much better as leaders in the Church to learn at the feet of the farmer rather than study with the CEO...It is time we see that the Church starts in the fields, not in the barns.

2. We have taught people to be consumers rather than workers. We have made a terrible mistake by separating the convert from the worker. They are not two, but one. Each new convert is a worker--immediately.

1. We want to lower the bar of how church is done and raise the bar of what it means to be a disciple.

Honorable Mentions:
Jesus shows us that the workers must come from the harvest itself. He transforms the twelve from being disciples in chapter ten verse one to being apostles in verse two. They went from praying for the harvest to preaching in the harvest in one verse.
*Let's face it: if we can't multiply a group of two or three, then we should forget about multiplying a group of fifteen to twenty. By focusing on the simple, we actually can see dramatic results in the complex.
*The resources needed for a great harvest are already found in the harvest itself--finances, facilities, future leaders. All we need is to get out there and reap. There is much power in 'showing up'.
*What is needed for a harvest? Prayer and workers. The more prayer we offer, the more workers we will see. The more workers raised up, the greater the harvest.*Instead of bringing people to church so that we can then bring them to Christ; let's bring Christ to people where they live.
*We believe that church should happen wherever life happens. You shouldn't have to leave life to go to church.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

searching for the real Jesus

I've been reading the Gospels for the past month with Jim, one of the men in our house church. This reading has been leading me deeper in discovering yet never uncovering all of who Jesus really is. I've been trying to recreate the image of Jesus that I've always had to be more like the real Jesus, and it has been an interesting exercise. For some reason the Jesus image I've always been used to, is the long-haired guy who seems to always have a flashlight turned on behind his head or he is the skinny corpse dragging or hanging on a cross.
But who is the real Jesus? What was he really like? What was his personality like? What would it have been like to sit down with a glass of wine and talk with him?
The more I read the more I think I am starting to see more of the real Jesus, and it is an amazing experience.
What about you? How does your Jesus look? What is he like?